It Saddens Me That The More “Religious” Some People Get

It Saddens Me That The More Religious Some People Get

“It saddens me that the more “religious” some people get, their hatred for others increases. Your love is supposed to increase, you’re supposed to forgive other people’s ignorance and educate them, you’re supposed to be more kind, more tolerant, wiser. Yet as some people get more religious the only thing people focus on is how wrong everyone is and how right they are.”

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  1. I seen so many churches teachers the wrong thing that is why your not to believe in man read the Lord’s words for your self the lord will show you the truth and the light and the way it’s happened to me amen

  2. This post is the result of the confusion between religion and spirituality. Religions are organized on the basis of an ideology and they are bound to be violent because an ideology belongs to the MIND and not to the spirit. Spirituality is beyond mind and thoughts.

  3. And this just goes to show how much modern spirituality is acting like a religion due to the amount of hateful responses I get from the “enlightened” for suggesting they have fallen for an age old obvious con

    1. The law only goes so far. Does the law decide what happens to someone who is born with a disease? Can the law heal you from a sickness even if it’s possibly fatal? Does law decide what your sex is when you are born? Will the law ensure there are people there to help you with every single need in your life? The law is a form of protection but it only goes so far. That is the thing about Jesus. He can do all of that, and so much more. Because laws only go so far

    2. Explain that to everyone still living according to the old testimony ,
      We need law yes you can not use law to usher Hate into the world ,
      Your commanded to love
      And repent .

    3. That’s the thing. In the bible before Jesus came all that stuff happened and people did live by those laws. But after Jesus came, died and rose from the grave we now follow the rules and laws of the New Testimat. Every believer in Christian should be following new Testimate . Love thy neighbor, and love not hate are some of the many laws we are commanded. Because it was God who originally created every law we know today. A Christian should be following them. You are right we are comanded to love and repent one hundred percent. We are also called to live by the new Testimate and some people have to figure that our I pray for them.

    4. I myself look back in my life and I can see where I have struggled to love people. I know that before I failed sometimes in following those laws. But I have learned from that and prayed for a change. I admit that completely. There are so many other people that need to do the same.

  4. because many ppl shut down at the mention of god or allah as if one is talking shit , so we feel the negativity rise n it affects our happiness when ppl refuse to believe our storys

  5. Politics has replaced religion as the arbitor of self-indulgent moral superiority. The more one consumes misinformed ideology, the more they feel better about dehumanizing the other guy simply for adhering to a different set of misinformation.

  6. I disagree. Religion is supposed to be like that. Religion is not alive. Spirituality is alive. Your soul is alive. Religion is not. It’s somebody else’s fixed, unflowing construct. Look inside.for your answers and become alive again.

  7. I think people get more frustrated than anything else. Because – you cannot teach the blind. They wish to stay blind. The only thing one can do – is to leave them be.

  8. That’s why I left organized religion for common sense faith. No pastors, clergy, race and gender equality, Baha’… Friends of the Faith study group asks questions like this all the time. Until we realize that we hold onto toxic, shaming and demeaning views of others, our religion is divisive and uovong…and so are we.

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