Holding a pen and a paper in hand
I decided to chisel the theme of my writing
‘Introversion’, a much known personality trait
The topic that my brain was itself invading
I smiled at the idea of inscribing the words
On a subject that my heart was empathizing
Remember? The type of boy or a girl you met
Was just an individual internally concentrating?
They wish to spend some time in solitude
Their energy remains stable and not draining
Their desires are to stay at home, all day
Coz it’s difficult, the task, to be socializing
Being shy is just another characteristic
But all you can offer is viscously “labelling”
A quiet, calm, and somewhat reserved individual
They aren’t the kind who are so much demanding
It isn’t that they are being rude or hard-nosed
It’s just that they are observant of everything ‘changing’
Ever noticed they are not so much talkative
Coz they are the ones who are unobtrusively listening
Believing that talk is half of the tale
They look up for cues that are non-communicating
Pondering the things that can make them happy?
Provide a library and a good book for reading
“How does it feels to feel something deeply?”
They know it because that’s how they are incarnating
Just see the glimpse of the eyes when they talk
Creativity, ingenuity or the ideas thought provoking
It’s arduous for people to understand introverts
But, like extroverts, they are real and intriguing.
Asma Rashid


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