Asma Rashid

Writer,Blogger,Psychologist to be

The Anxious Soul (Patient)

Whenever I grasp the depths of my soul, I find that there are places within this ambiance that are filled with luminous lights of sadness, despair, ineptness and anxiety.

Stress Relief (Psychologist)

Whenever I glare at the structure of your face, I find beauty and strength all organized in a harmonious manner.


The simple warmth on my face was a reason of pure attainment My entire universe revolved around the toys my dad fetched

Happy New Year

The New Year has just begun and the clatters are loud

Delusional Girl

Delusional Girl Listen! You, the girl considered to be subtle Are u facing any glitches in communicating? People usually refer you as the less talkative Is it you or the individuals around you...


Schizophrenia By Asma Rashid <3


Holding a pen and a paper in hand I decided to chisel the theme of my writing