In Search of Happiness: Why All I Need Is Living a Mediocre Life

In Search of Happiness: Why All I Need Is Living a Mediocre Life

Routine rules my life. Every day I wake up, eat my breakfast, go to work, return, chat with my family and fell asleep. And I often ask myself one question – wouldn’t I love this simple life to go on forever? It doesn’t matter what kind of mediocre job I might be doing in the future, or how unimportant it is. Perhaps I just need some peace of mind?

Stop Listening to Others!

In this ever-changing world, it seems to me that no one has enough time to dedicate to his or her life. To dedicate to virtues that are permanent? Everybody just keeps pushing me – go for more, seek for better! Improve your results, stay competitive! But, what if I just feel like being myself? If all I need is to be simple and fragile, honest and a little bit afraid sometimes? What if I only want to practice my passions, if I want to laugh and enjoy the little things around me? All I really need is to live a mediocre life.

Sometimes I think about all the things people expect me to do or become when I grow up. And I really don’t recognize myself in any one of these projections. Can I just grow up to be a nice mother, caring sister, and wife? I would be glad to simply support the loved ones around me. Making sure that they know they can count on my regardless of circumstances. Doesn’t it feel good?

Have You Found Inner Strength?

People talk about big ideas, making things right. But I don’t exactly feel that inner strength to lead the world to the never-ending peace. Or to feed the poor. What I can do is not huge, it is small – but it’s mine. I will be glad to buy a pair of shoes to someone who needs them or to organize a local charity foundation. My gifts come from my heart, and if that is mediocre – allow me to stay like that forever.

Is it so important to be famous? And to get rich or die trying? I don’t need to become a millionaire or publish a renowned novel to be satisfied. For me, this short article is more than enough to contribute to this dear community of ladies I respect. I feel that this kind of encouragement is all I need to do to make you a little happier. And that emotion fills my heart with joy. In order to find a bit of happiness, I’ve created my blog. Sometimes you even don’t realize how easily you can help thousands of people…

Just Love Yourself

And all that talk about my body and fitness. What if I choose to be like this? My mediocre dimensions are just what I need. I don’t feel like being the strongest or the fastest. Not even the slimmest or the most beautiful girl. What if I am good with the way it is now? I look how I look and that will not change as long as I live. And I will never regret it – this is the real me, with all the things you might or might not like. But I like it and prefer to keep it like that. So what if I don’t want to look like someone else?

I can decide to become a mediocre accountant, always stuck in tons of meaningless papers. I can try to stay careful about the meals I eat but still order junk food every once in a while. So what? And my house could be really nice sometimes, but horribly dirty in other occasions. What if I decide to behave the way I feel at all times? I am sure people would judge me, but who cares? My life means nothing if I am not happy.

And it always feels like the world around me keeps running and competing. What if I can’t step up and keep the same pace? Do I really search for that kind of life? I know I don’t. My slow steps are what I need. It may be a modest tempo, but it will be the one that I determined.

But what about your spiritual strength, you could ask. What if don’t have the mental power of a religious leader? I don’t really care. My love is my religion, and I practice it with the ones I care about the most. I nurture honest relationships and acquire faith from it. And I also deal with my fears and uncertainties that way. That is even more than I need.

And what about all those love stories everyone is talking about? What about all those perfect marriages and families? I know my life will never serve as a movie screenplay, but it is filled with myriads of beautiful details which make my life so valuable. I am good the way I am and there is no reason to change. Life is not about extreme ups and downs, it is about nice little things I experience each day. Yes, they can call them mediocre things, and mediocre life. But that’s exactly the kind of life I need. My perfect little mediocre life.


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