In Pursuit of Happiness

In Pursuit of Happiness

What is the fascination of people with being happy and positive all the time?

Why is it such a compulsion to be happy under all circumstances?
We are born with basic instincts, emotions, and reactions. We are hardwired to feel, emote and react according to the situations.
Why is the constant pressure on people to not feel the real emotion and to avoid it and be happy despite their hearts not being into them really?
It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to feel bad, it’s okay to shed tears and it’s okay to feel like howling.
Don’t deny your first instinctive feeling and sidestep it to feel a fake emotion, just because a person, a quotation or a lot of the people are stressing upon the benefits of being happy.
The sun doesn’t shine 24 hours, we are bound to have ups and downs in life.
Feel the real emotion.
Laugh when you want to.
Cry when you want to.
Don’t feel unhappy feelings just because you received a quote to be gay under all circumstances, that’s fakery.
Smiling, crying, laughing, feeling down are all natural reactions.
Suppressing them would end up in more of emotional disaster.
Do not dwell upon your miseries, but at least feel them till they bother you internally.
Let the process of natural healing take its course. Don’t accelerate the process and jump over feelings.
Feel every emotion to the fullest and then watch the rainbow bloom.

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