If You’re Reading This It’s Because We Didn’t Make It

if you are reading this its because we did not make it

If you’re reading this it’s because we didn’t make it. I’m sorry we couldn’t go back from this. I’m sorry that you chose her or that you just couldn’t choose me. I’m sorry for whatever outcome it was that caused this. There’s nothing in this world that I’ve ever wanted more than for us to last.  I hope you find a love that is all the things I could never give you. I know you can’t handle long distances and I’m sorry we just weren’t born closer. I’m glad I at least got to be alive during the same time as you. I’ll never know why this had to happen but I’ll accept that it did.  Don’t you ever forget that I am undoubtedly, completely, head over heels in love with you. That is something that will never change.  It tears me apart that we spent so much time planning the rest of our lives together and now it’s all gone. I know this is the kind of loss you carry with you until the very end.  I can only hope in another life things had been different and you really did love me.

Alphonse Lamartine

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