I Have Found My Soulmate

 November 30, 2016

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3) Go out for a cinema alone with a caramel coated popcorn puffs with you and watch movie which promises some mystery, action movie about great men- like General Douglas MacArthur, sort of a mysterious man, he smoked a pipe and wore sunglasses, too; or a comedy that will make you laugh out loud.

4) Turn on soft, dreamy and romantic selection of music and try a candle light dinner alone with a slug of Sauvignon Blanc wine and bask in how beautiful you look in the dim light. Tell yourself, “You’re so fabulous! I’ve never loved like this before.”

5) At bedtime, slip into your gorgeous camison and put the silent presence that nourish every sense but the ear on the side table of your bed- bouquet of ROSES! And inhale HEAVEN.

6) Treat yourself to a sensuous, completely satisfying breakfast- a little more than a gulped cup of Georgian tea or Turkish coffee, eggs Benedict with creamy spinach and smoky Hollandaise sauce, a piece of fruit or a strawberry yoghurt.

7) And, if you imagined a City where neon lights bright shine all night, people buzz around you and most of the signs are not English…this is Tokyo. Travel to Tokyo and spend some of your time with their traditional tea ceremony. Catch Mt. Fuji in the distance during sunset. Try the sushi joint in town- the Tsukiji fish market. Taking a stroll to nearby Ginza (the main shopping center in town). Those Sumos. They do exist and yes, you will see them towering over everyone else in the stereotypical crammed subways.  Ramen noodle soup and teppanyaki- grilled meats on skewers are so cheap and cheerful. Whip out your map and set yourself free to explore the other type of Japanese culture. You’ll love the place. Or, explore the medieval architecture, award-winning design, world class gastronomy and sustainable lifestyle that makes this hip, laid-back destination the ‘most livable City’ on the planet- captivating Copenhagen. Here, inventive new restaurants and designer boutiques flank the aristocratic landmarks of yore, presenting a laudable symphony of progress and preservation. Copenhagen, the capital of the world’s oldest surviving kingdom, has a new season to make history. Visit the Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, Christiania, Round Tower, Rosenberg Castle, Copenhagen Zoo, Carlsberg, Bakken and Tivoli Amusement park, or the National Museum.

8) Embark a real love affair with yourself. Take time to enjoy where you are. Always, always be there for yourself. What a happiness!…To live in peace with that word: Myself.

9) Stop asking, “How would I be without someone to love?” Tell yourself, I can be my own someone. How much others love you is not that very important but how much you love yourself will define how confident you are.

10) Be the most confident and elegant and fascinating company you have ever known.

11) Have a fairy tale romance with yourself.

Ah! There’s nothing like saying, “Yes, I’ve nailed it and I love my life.” After dating yourself for a few months, you feel being revitalized and realized you’ve finally found your soulmate and you don’t want to date anyone ever again. And will probably stop seeing crystal-ball gazers to ask when you’re going to find your knight in shining armour. And for sure, you will stop wishing upon a star.

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