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A woman who is passionate about coherent words.

Some Words That Just Don’t Always Come Easy

all those things are still cluttering deep in my heart. I suppose they always will.

When You’re In Pain, Read This

Trust me; we can never mend a broken heart in just one day or two.

You Are My Best Friend Who I’ve Got To Fall In Love With

You are my brave knight. You are my best friend who I've got to fall in love with.,You Are My Best Friend Who I've Got To Fall In Love With

I Am Hurting But I Am Also Healing

How long it has taken me to learn to forget the past and move on? This is the last thing that comes to my mind when I’m about to drop into bed. It’s probably as long as it’s taken me to learn the difference between solitude and loneliness.

When Your Heart Is Broken Into Bits And Pieces, Allow God To Touch Your Soul With His Peace And Love

if your heart is broken into bits and pieces, here are few lessons that must be learned and not to be taken the wrong way

I Will Never Forget How That First Moment Means So Much To Me

As I sit on the edge of my bed counting the distance between us, I'm thinking of how special those nights were, for both of us.

When I Say I Miss You, This Is What I Mean

When I say I miss you, what I mean is that, every little thing reminds me of you.