I Can Rebuild Anything, Because ~ ANGELS ~ Never Die.

Rinku Shah

Every wound, scar I nurtured.
Loved, cared and had them sutured.
A constant reminder of being tortured.
Through actions words and expectations,
I had now grown wings with no limitations.
I will fly…Touch the sky.
I was out of the cage,
I had finally learnt to turn the page!


Karthik Parthasarathy

Building my own wings
One stitch at a time
Not to take me
to the land of my dream
But to escape the pain
my current life brings.


Anjana Surendran

 Neither those
 long hands of patriarchy
 nor those sharp knives
 of societal dogmas
could chain her to the “box”
 as she was born to fly
 for she will mend and mend
 and mend with the blaze in eyes.


Nuhrez Khan

 At the end of the day
the wings came undone,
 here I would mend them back
 and be ready
 for the supernatural chore
for the new day that begins.

Jackie De Klerk 

She was once an angel long ago,
but lost her wings with each blow.
Time to become herself again.
She’s done lying in the ditch.
Now getting her wings back stitch by stitch.

Erna Duspara 

You broke my wings
 So I could no longer fly. 
But little did you know,
I can rebuild anything,
Because ~ ANGELS ~ 
Never Die.

Anna Marie Brown

Mending my wings,
so I can fly above the pain,
sorrow, and guilt.
Fly to begin a new chapter in my life.
Fly to be happy and forgiving.


Humaira Laher


 I created my own flight,
a dream I wanted to explore…
Each scar, a fulfilled destination


Shining Sunshine

 You thought I was done
 but watch me fly
 with my broken wings!

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