How To Feel Normal Again (Even Though The World Is Not)

How To Feel Normal Again

4. Laugh

Yes — money is tight, your kids are driving you insane, and there are only so many reruns of NCIS you can watch, but the best (and my personal favorite) way to get your life back to normal right now? Laughter! As they say (whoever “they” are), “Laughter is the best medicine.”

It may seem cliche, but psychologists agree that humor helps us relieve stress, and right now it also helps us do two very important things: connect with other people and feel more in control in this powerless situation.

Don’t lie: you know you watched Tiger King when all of this began, and why? Because it was a hilarious train wreck.

Not only did I watch all of Tiger King in one sitting, but I’ve also spent many evenings forcing Mr. Holley to watch hours of TikTok videos (and maybe have even begged him to help me make one myself).

Laughter helps us lower our cortisol levels, a hormone related to stress, and strengthens our immune systems.

So, call up your best friend or your mom on Zoom or Facetime and retell the story of your cousin crapping his pants at Disney World.

Download TikTok and watch Stacey ask her husband dirty jokes; the jokes are pretty funny, but his reactions are golden.

You might even want to start your next Zoom meeting by asking everyone to share their favorite “Dad Joke,” so bad that you can’t help but laugh.

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The world is more than a little weird right now, guys, it’s true, and sadly — it’s not going to go back to normal — at least, not the normal we’re used to. Make your mental health a priority, and find ways to accept the uncertainty. If nothing else seems to work — reach out to a friend or a professional. Their counsel (or jokes!) might be the key to getting your life back to normal (even if the world isn’t).

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