How The Zodiac Signs Survives 2021

How The Zodiac Signs Survives 2021

How The Zodiac Survives 2021  

Aries: Runs on living room, workouts and youtube drama  

Taurus: Became an unofficial michelin-certified dessert chef  

Gemini: Learned five new languages without the grammar  

Cancer: Their whatsapp turned into a call center  

Leo: Ordered 246 new outfits online  

Virgo: Solved everyone’s problems but their own on their blog  

Libra: Developed 20 additional crushes on fictional and famous people  

Scorpio: Gave Kpop a try and became a hard stan  

Sagittarius: Plans to travel their continent in 1 day soon enough  

Capricorn: Knew it’d happen and hustled from home already  

Aquarius: Busy inventing a mask for people with glasses. Thank you  

Pisces: Re-activated every coping mechanism from 2014

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