Hey, It’s Me. You Probably Don’t Want To Hear From Me

Hey, It's Me. You Probably Don't Want To Hear From Me

“Hey, it’s me. You probably don’t want to hear from me, but this is the last time. Promise. Just hear me out, okay? You and me, one last time down memory lane. I’m sorry how everything turned out, how we can’t even keep a text conversation past ‘how are you’ and ‘good.’ How everything seems to be tainted by some ulterior motive, and everything feels like heartbreak. But I don’t regret any of the time spent with you, and I hope you don’t regret any of the talks we had until 3 AM or our friendship. I hope you know that even though we can’t look at each other, I’m still here for you. If you call, I’ll be on the other end of the phone. Always. I care deeply about you, which is why this is the last time I’m calling.”

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