Good Heart, A Curse Or A Blessing

What does a ‘good person’, mean to you? Is it a selfless person? A patient person?

Goodness itself deems ‘righteousness’, there’s a world of definitions. Altruistic, thoughtful, empathetic. Being someone who has met a lot of people with varying energies, this is my definition of ‘good’.

A good person is someone who has the freedom of choice to take action that either is for his or her own selfish gain, or for the benefit of another, and frequently chooses the latter. Even if it means it leads to their own detriment. A good person has a sensitive moral compass, and even if it’s the norm to engage in affairs that cause hurt to others, a good person’s core values are stronger than their surroundings. And it is because of this reason, they suffer the most. –RB Wahab


We have all been there, somebody with unquestionable morals and values hurt us in a way we could not imagine doing to anyone. We are angry, we are confused, and we are torn with hurt. And yet, if life gave us the opportunity to do the same to them, we could not bring ourselves to it. So we revolt, at the idea that it takes a special kind of evil to hurt someone like this. And you don’t want to forgive them, but you know you will, because you’re haunted by your conscience. So you torture yourself with this ridiculous limbo, of two conflicting ideas of “I want to hurt you back,” and “I do not want to cause pain to someone,”.

Yes, we have all been there. Not just that, it took me many years to realize that us “good people,” have seriously sold ourselves short. In high school, mean girls and f*ck boys seemed to run the show. And we let them, and we get in relationships and friendships with them, and we let them kick us around like foot balls. Why do you do this to yourselves? This is a major question I asked myself.

It took a long time for me to realize how evil works. It views righteousness as something weak and pathetic. But in reality, it takes great courage to be a good person. It is so easy to give in to your temporary feelings, to worship your ego, to walk all over people. This is way too easy. It is so HARD to be the bigger person, to cry and not let them see, to walk away and let it be, to not cause any pain back.

So why have we as a society fuelled this idea that “goodness” is a weak thing, when it is perhaps the greatest thing that ever existed. All you have done is justified nasty actions by nasty people, when it is them who are the weak ones, not you. You are a gem, a beautiful gem, a rare commodity in this world. And you really need to open your eyes and see that, but how can you when you’ve been conditioned to believe the opposite- by people who are so full of shit- the only way they can fill the void in themselves is hurting vulnerable people like you?

Good hearts- they’re the ones you go to when you need help, the comfort you need when you feel lonely, the reliable ones when you’re in trouble, the healers and the empaths, the friends who lift your spirits when you’ve lost the will for everything. And it is about time the world learnt to appreciate people like this.

Do NOT feel ashamed of being a nice person, you are one of God’s most beautiful creations, and not believing in that will only let people who have oppressed you- WIN. Your tears are counted and your patience will pay off, you just need to hang in there baby. Good hearts always triumph in the end, it is not you who has lost, it’s the ones who exploited your pure nature who have lost, all they will end up with is crowd just as full of shit like them. So, chin up, all the love you gave out will find its way back to you I promise.

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