Everyone Wants To Fall In Love

 April 23, 2018

Everyone Wants To Fall In Love

“Everyone wants to fall in love. But I think more people are in love with the theory of love. If you’re looking in from the outside, it looks so beautiful. On the inside, it’s scary because it can take over your life. It’s the strongest emotion but also the darkest. It can put you on a high for days, but it can wrap an anchor around your feet and drown you in less than a minute.”

― Calia Read, Breaking the Wrong

9 comments on “Everyone Wants To Fall In Love

  1. This subject is quite beyond the understanding of a normal human being.. what Calia described here is an from of attachment. love is totally a different subject altogether. When u love someone u simply love them, u can’t dislike them,u can’t hate them,……u just want to give as much as u can, and love them if not directly then indirectly without expecting anything in return… it’s just like that crucial yet pleasant ….

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