Every time you pass through a doorway – MIND TALK

“The physical act of walking through a doorway is the reason why you sometimes walk into a room and completely forget what you were doing. Going through a door signifies the beginning or end of something, so it creates an ‘event boundary’ within your mind. Every time you pass through a doorway, your brain is filing away the thoughts you had in your previous location to make room for a new group of memories in the next “

A lil physical activity on our part, and the brain knows what to do. Imagine how efforts in the right direction could really change the whole functioning of our Brain and our thoughts too!

As we let go things of the past, our Mind makes room for new memories, new opportunities. Synchronizing the physical and mental work. Every time we pass a phase of life like losing someone or walking away we actually are passing through the door. Let the mind make room for new things rather than clinging on to old.


 – Loathsome Shamsir




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