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Enhancing Your Intelligence

Enhancing Your Intelligence


            There are many kinds of intelligence. But, considering all factors, intelligence can be enhanced at any level. Here are very useful but practical tips that can enhance the intelligence of any person.

            Exercise your brain. You want to improve it? Then exercise it to the fullest. Do word quizzes, such as those found in Reader’s Digest. Do mathematical quizzes. Play around with abstract quizzes. Perform computations in your mind rather than relying on the calculator. Memorize some phone numbers. Do logic quizzes. Practice with puzzles of all kinds.  Play around with Rubik’s cube. Exercise your brain to the fullest.

            Listen to classical music. Classical music is known to increase the IQ of humans in certain psychology experiments. So listen to all the forms of classical music, such as the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Ravel, Bach, etc. They will increase your intelligence, refine your artistic temperament and impress your friends. Add to this repertoire other forms of relaxing music, such as nature symphonies, New Age music like the music of Sarah brightman, Enya, Celtic music, and the love songs of the 1980’s, generally considered to be the apex of popular music selections.

            Read widely and deeply. Reading widely and deeply enhances the knowledge base of any individual. Start with books that have universal themes. Then sample selections from the classics, like Plato, Plotinus, Descartes, James, etc.  Reading the classics is a guaranteed way to enhance your intelligence at any age. Then go to world history and literature. Try to get your hands on all the classics of literature. Then proceed to philosophy, psychology and sociology. Don’t ignore contemporary fiction like science and epic fantasy. I have found them to be a veritable goldmine of archetypes. Many epic fantasy books are illuminating, with profound insights. Besides, they increase your vocabulary. Indulge in critical thinking and problem-solving books.  Top off your personal library with religious, spiritual and mystical books. Enjoy your feast.

            Learn a new craft or hobby. As much as possible, make a habit of learning a new craft or hobby every now and then. Create time for it. The list is almost endless. Examples are photography, ballroom dancing, sign language, aikido, karate, badminton, web design, Vedic numerology, vegetarian cooking, Tarot meditation, and much more. Expand your imagination. Unleash your creativity.

            Be open to new experiences. Do you habitually go to your school or place of work following a certain route? Then, by all means, try to change your routine from time to time. Try a different route tomorrow, or the next day. This will improve your geographic skills, make new connections in your brain, and increase your knowledge of your locality. Be open to new experiences like this. Be flexible and adaptable. Change your routine from time to time, for variety. Spice up your life.

            Master a strategy game. Strategy games like chess, GO and the Games of the Generals are very instructive critical thinking paradigms. Learning a strategy game will enhance your critical thinking skills, and these skills can be translated into your everyday world. They force you to analyze, think ahead and evaluate many possibilities. Obviously, these are skills you need to manage your personal life. You can even join a club if it is available in your place. Strategize and evolve!

            Improve your inquiry skills. By this I mean you must take the time to develop your formal inquiry skills, like the ability to access information from various databases. Learn how to search your library. Peruse many kinds of material. Learn how to research, access material and catalogue data from various sources. Learn how to research on the internet. Master the ability to explore the web, particularly how to obtain relevant information from search engines like google. Study methods of research, like psychological, educational and legal research. Expand your database and your neuronal processing will get a boost!

            Challenge yourself by taking exams. Do not be afraid to take exams. They are a gauge of your study skills. If you are already a graduate and you have free time, then try to study for exams like the Civil Service examinations. If you are a teacher, participate in management aptitude batteries. Or better yet, ascend the heights of mental training and try the Mensa qualifying exam. Mensa is the society of geniuses. You may not be accepted by Mensa but at least you tried. Trying is everything.

            Be holistic. If you want to enhance any portion of your being, then the other portions must not be ignored. Develop your physical aspect also by regular exercise and paying attention to your nutrition. Eat well and have a balanced diet. Our motto here should be healthy body, healthy mind, healthy heart, healthy soul, healthy being!


            Remember that any activity which challenges your brain will cause the neurons to make more connections. The more connections, the better will be your subsequent cognitive processing. There is no age limit for enhancing your intelligence. Evolve or perish!