Erwin Rimban


the consequences to the predictive arts of some of the conclusions of quantum physics regarding Ultimate Reality. 

Enhancing Your Intelligence

There are many kinds of intelligence. But, considering all factors, intelligence can be enhanced at any level. Here are very useful but practical tips that can enhance the intelligence of any person.


The Age of Aquarius is characterized by world education to a level we have not achieved before.

Phenomenology of the Wisdom Quest

Soul categories can be understood more comprehensively to fall into three major categories: Primordial Narratives, represented by Primary Seekers; Sociopoetic Narratives, represented by Secondary Seekers and Existential Narratives, represented by Tertiary Seekers.


What archetypes sizzle within you? What drives you? What elemental forces awaken you and inspire to heights of wisdom, success and accomplishment? Discover your archetypes, and enter a whole new world of possibility, intricacy and meaning!

Awakening Your Inner Self

has been the motto of personal self-discovery and self-transformation.

Understanding the Fundamental Metaphysical Questions

Throughout the ages, the greatest thinkers of humanity have endeavored to answer this most fundamental question of human existence. Let us now explore how various paragons of the ages have approached it and savor the insights we can glean from their thoughts.

Astrology and Tarot: A Dialogue of Sequential and Nonlinear Thought

Astrology and Tarot are both extremely powerful esoteric systems for self-understanding and self-realization. Astrology is sequential, logical and mathematical.