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Dont You Dare

Don’t you dare...

Don’t you dare tell me I am beautiful?
Until you have seen my scars…
That are craved into my body,
and the blood that pours out of my soul..Don’t you dare tell me I am lovely,
until I completely shut you out of my life..
Because I swore to myself,
you are just like the others and you will get sick of me…..Don’t you dare tell me I am flawless,
until you have seen me break down in tears..
I will show you the darkness that’s inside me that consumes me,
and you will run away from me…

But  if you,
have seen my scars,
my bitterness,
and darkness…
Then I might believe you….

– Chelsea Patton  

James America

James America is a passionate blogger and fitness enthusiast. James loves to reach out to people by writing interesting and informative blogs and articles on spirituality, astrology, lifestyle, introversion, along with quotes, thoughts, memes, etc. Loves reading, writing, workout, football, music, movies, and traveling.View Author posts