Falling for him was like falling independent of gravity, as if the unmarred pull had finally made a mistake. It was like descending in the void unaware of its depth or range but there was no choice, it was never my decision to make. Things were decided in some parallel universe antecedent where I was the pawn of the higher entity. There was nothing to hold me in place, to anchor me to my world as it swallowed me deep incessantly. And I helplessly gave up to the dynamism that had set all the terrines to favor my ebb.
I felt my heart twist in my chest coiling my veins and ready to embrace my death caroling in its praise. I couldn’t breathe as zephyr would resist a passage to my shape. Every whit in my body was thrumming and beating like a thousand hearts, beating in unison deafening me. Every fiber was vibrating like strings strumming under a musician’s fingers. It felt like dying but rather tempting.
I wondered was I dying.
Do all of us fall into void, the bright shimmering light, devoid of gravity?
My own head was behaving alien, every time I dared to touch my dormant consciousness it’d cocoon itself harder naught to wake up of its never ending sleep. My consciousness was drugged, drugged by the very same force engulfing me whole in this void. I pushed, kicked to get over of this tranquil. But, I was hypnotized, transfixed by those eyes, eyes which were like ocean they were omnipresent. I can see them everywhere. Their gaze surrounded me everywhere I pursued.
His voice, like velvet soft and hard with ascend and descend would stun me now and then.
Yes I was dying to be a whole new soul, soul which had fallen deep in the void, in the void of his love. For I had to rise, rise as his love.

– Kritika Shaiv

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