Depression is an option…

Depression is an option...

depression is nothing but a certain pattern of our thinking. you can change this pattern constructively or destructively. it’s utterly up to you. 
but it is a matter of sorrow that people prefer destructive way for momentary pleasure and they don’t care about the ramification of this insane activity.

now you have a question about constructive activity, right..? 
yes, there’s a lot of constructive activity to switch your mood from bad to good.
here I wanna mention some pattern changing activity….
1.concentrate to your hobby or make some hobby, like reading book, travelling, cooking, gardening whatever you like.

2. you can volunteer some non-profit organization, like ensuring education for unprivileged children in your local area. it’ll really give you some purpose of life. you will begin to understand the meaning of life. can jot down your story of depression and contemplation the cause of depression. then you can figure out what’s really going on. what should be done and what should not. you can listen your gut instinct. it will show you some good way of thinking.

at last I wanna say that it’s totally okay to be depressed but you should also remember that it’s a choice. and it is totally up to you whether you choose it or not.
we have no control over our surrounding and other people but we can control our way of thinking…
again I wanna say that happiness is a choice and depression is an option. you can choose any of them….
oh… yeah… choose wisely….
life is beautiful…..

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