Dear woman, please marry the man who…(Open letter)

Dear woman, please marry the man who...(Open letter)

 Dear woman, marry the man who…( Open Letter)Your Story “We are waiting patiently for someone to open that passionate door within our hearts that significantly lead us to a sacred noble union full with generosity and elegance which is officially witnessed by the universe. We, as unready human beings with short-term views, are somehow to face up to the sour and realistic truth that we very often intend to share it with our environment secretly or overtly. We, as emotional creatures, are highly liable for even altering our states of mind, gleeful look to life, dreams, ambitions, ways of thinking and maybe concepts too only to satisfy someone else temporary unsteady decisions in opening that door which probably show up only once in our life.”I am right here dear woman. I am available only for your highness.

I am here by your side to share with you my own words which are written with letters full with the sense of direction and guidance. I feel like announcing my own enactments to those stray who look similar to the old version of me.Dear woman, marry the man who;…falls in love with your memorable smile and your unforgettable face expressions before he falls in love with your sculpted body shape or your plump curves,…is always ready to look at your eyes every time you talk over or you dispute,…progressively falls in love with your thought, reflections and your ruminations.…is willing to enjoy reloading the mind orgasm with you before any other orgasm.…available to hear you and believe in the intensity of your achievements and in the density of your ambitions in order to hit and savour the common success,…is willing to understand you even in your madness and be your biggest supporter no matter how much will cost,…smiles at you every time you walk in the door and gives the attention in return,…is convinced that the woman is the one and the only creature can integrate his entity and his existence in this world,…is willing to trust blindly in your favourable intuitions and feasible visions,…admits that you are his determinant priority and you do not belong to the optional list that suddenly appears in his spare boring time.…is not afraid to express and demonstrate his love to you in front of everyone even with himself in front of the mirror and consider you as a unique pearl that he had been diving for a long time ago,…is witty to calm you down in your difficult moments and anxious situations,…can see and perceive the beauty of your consecutive fears and nonsense worries on a daily basis,…cannot give up on you and make you always feel wanted under any circumstance and finally, the one who is certain that only death can set you apart.Dear woman, I know very well that sometimes it looks impossible to reach and attain what we want but I can assure you that sometimes at least we should define what we really desire, what is most important to us and what is appropriate to our position.

I hope dear woman you find all these precious things in yourself first so that you can be ready for this kind of love and union.

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