Rim is a writer, teacher and Ph.D student in Logistics Management and Industry. She had her master degree in Logistics Management and strategy in 2014.

Dear woman, please marry the man who…(Open letter)

 Dear woman, marry the man who...( Open Letter)Your Story “We are waiting patiently for someone to open that passionate door .

A Simple Way To Radiate Positive Energy

It is true what they say: The more efforts put in, the better the results. I have been thinking a lot lately about luck and peaceful life.

How To Find Yourself When You are Feeling Lost

Dear reader, it is not necessary that the external world must obligatorily reflect your internal world. But your internal side has to light up your external expectations.

Anxiety and stress can only be forgotten once we have succeeded in floating above our pain and sufferings

To shape my life and my character, I decided one day to take a trip alone and visit the most soul-catching place I could think of.

Understand that the search for happiness is more important than the need for pain

I turned seventeen, having finished high school, and almost certainly need to decide what most important university to me, where my dream should meet my future. By then, I said to my parents ‘I have revealed my vocation. I want to become a good writer.

Let Save The Planet For Our Future Children

No one can deny the fact that all of us have been taught about the importance of environment in our education system and the key role played by the...