Dear God, What Next?

The beach was endless and so inviting. It was so inviting that I had to get down and make it to the water. 
The waves from a distance kept calling me. The muddy path was not easy to walk on but I did. I did because I wanted to be with the waves. 

The thought of the waves thrilled me. I was so close that I could hear the music of the waves. The vastness of the sea, the horizon, the clouds, the shore, everything wrapped me up.

I saw so many waves. The moment a wave kissed my feet, I lived. I was so convinced that I knew my world of existence. Little did I know that the wave was going to leave.It was painful. I had no way to stop it. The force with which the sea grabbed the wave back was so heavy that I thought I would also be taken away. The wave was gone. I was rooted. Thankfully I was rooted. 

It was all too quick.I looked around and there was a huge wave coming towards the shore a few feet to my right. I thought there was no point in staying rooted and walked towards the bigger wave. The happiness blossomed as i saw the wave coming towards me. The feeling was the same as that of the first wave.

This time, I thought I found my purpose. The wave was a big one. I thought I could immerse in it. Funny though, the wave never reached me. It just got lost in the middle.

Slowly, I started to realize a pattern. I looked around.Everyone was waiting for the wave. Everyone was happy when it touched their feet. There was enjoyment. There was sadness when the wave retreated. Now, the pattern was getting monotonous.

I asked myself, What were these waves? emotions? desires? passion? lust? greed? happiness? anger? or were they people? Why should they touch me? Why should they move away? What was it teaching me? I saw the pattern everywhere happening with everyone.

I realized that the waves were meant to come and they were meant to go.

It was me who had to ” Let go “.After a point, I stopped looking at the waves touching my feet. 


The head on my shoulders was aching to look up. I gained the courage to see beyond the waves. I saw the bright light. The light of life, The light of existence. Was she only a spectator or was she a silent teacher?
I looked at her and asked, Dear God, I understand this pattern very well. Tell me now, What next?


-Lavanya Raghuraman

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