Cut Off Those Who..

..Are Nosy.

..Sneak a peek at your screens.

..Ask you who are you talking to on the phone.

..Impose their unrequested opinion regarding how you dress.

..Get into your space during a face-to-face conversation.

..Talk to you with loud voice though you are right next to them.

..Love morning chats before you’ve had your coffee.

..Make sounds chewing and breathing.

..Underestimate your intelligence.

..Interrupt your speech.

..Argue with no logic.

..Are Judgmental.

..Ask why are you single/married.

..Knock your door then immediately come in without waiting four your reply to knocking.

..Are inconsistent.

..Are Moody; they just put your shit on you.

..W’s users (what/who/when/why) regarding your personal issues.

..Lose interest quickly.

..Are complainers.

..Are boring.

..Are selfish/self centered.

..Never say sorry.

..Are too available; those are cheap company.

..Always promise words but never take actions.

..Are copy cats.

..Are indifferent.

..Are smelly/not clean.

..Joke all the time.

..Are addicts (to anything).

..Are scene makers.

..Are Hard-to-get players.

..Are not kind to the weaker and the poorer.

..Throw trash from car window.

..Are problem makers not solvers.

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