Unfinised Stories

Cut Off Those Who..

.Are Nosy.

..Sneak a peek at your screens.

..Ask you who are you talking to on the phone.

..Impose their unrequested opinion regarding how you dress.

Dream It

Give it time

Keep the dream asleep

Don’t wake it up before its time

If you do, you might crush it

And so it will crush you


Ghosts of Rejection

Don’t let them scare you

Slay them and their memories with cold blood

Just smile

I’ve Learned To..

Never keep what’s not mine
Leave when not invited
Cherish my present moment; it’s all I got

One Day

you are the bravest person I’ve ever known
you’ve been through a lot
disappointment, rejection, failure, weakness, betrayal, and sadness
yet you kept standing

The Crown Is Heavy For Many

Not everyone you’ll meet can handle your royalty

you are different, you have your values, integrity, and pride

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