Broaden Your Creative Horizon

Broaden Your Creative Horizon

Nature, of course, has no ceiling. So, when we are out in the open air, it helps our mind to “think outside of the box” and “shoot for the stars.” Nature does the act of rebooting the overloaded brain. 

The mind and body function on opposite laws. More the effort you put in physically, the better the results would be. By being creative, one can achieve great results with very minimum effort.

Creativity need not necessarily mean that we invent something fantastic. Someone can be creative even about even how they are going to sweep the floor. If we develop the means to truly observe what is happening within us on all levels of who we are, then we would be enormously creative. Only when the mind is calm and relaxed, the ideas spring out. If we have forgotten something, and the more effort we put into remember that, the longer it takes for us to remember.

The sooner we let go of things, the faster the ideas come. The three aspects which are integral for the success of any action are Perception, observation, and expression – they can only blossom when our mind is well-rested. Another aspect is by observing deep silence, which is often called the mother of creativity. 

The very basic step in developing a creative idea starts from the process of thinking. So, it is very important for us to probe into the source of thought. Human beings are said to be great thinkers, but what is a thought?

A thought can be called an impulse of energy and intelligence. For that impulse of energy and intelligence to arise and a correct thought to bloom, we need 16  impulses to meet at a point in the cerebral cortex at a certain speed. How can we make it happen? We need to train our minds to ensure the free flow of thoughts.

There are continuous conversations that take place in our minds. It’s like we have a filter in our mind, through which we listen and accept only that we already know and agree according to our beliefs. When something comes which doesn’t fall within our belief systems, it gets filtered out. One of the main blocks of creativity is this tendency in the mind.

Let’s not be too much ambitious! Let’s find the path for us

Mostly when people talk about the word ‘creativity, it is often connected to artists, great painters, etc. But not everybody can be a painter – and there is no need for it also. If everybody is a  painter, the world would be monotonous. But everybody can be creative in their own ways.

We are all different and this difference itself makes us unique and creative. “Whatever things we do, if we do it joyfully and lovingly, without aiming for an economical gain, it is creative. Usually, we are told to be ambitious. But when one person is always thinking of his ambition, his creativity might disappear – because an ambitious man cannot be always creative, as he might not be able to love any activity for its own sake.

We have to flush out the belief that we are uncreative. We might not be a gold medallist in the university; or we might not be the topper in our class; our painting might not have won much appreciation – but just because of these things, we don’t have to believe that we are uncreative. 

We undermine ourselves because we are trying to imitate others. We have to find out what we can do and what we cannot do. Everybody cannot do everything. One might have to search and find destiny to find the real ‘you. Initially, we might have searched in wrong directions i.e., in paths where we are not creative, but there will necessarily be a path where we are creative. And we need to take efforts to find the direction to this path.

When we tune ourselves to get connected with nature, we feel that even trees are creative, rocks are creative and everything else in this universe is creative. We human beings are endowed with an intellect that makes us the most evolved beings on this earth.

Each man comes into this world with a specific destiny: he has something to fulfill, some message to deliver, some work to complete. Each of us is not here accidentally, we are here for a purpose. There is a purpose behind everyone being here. Let’s Seek and continuously search until we find it. 

Gopakumar P 
Life Coach | Career Mentor | Motivational Speaker
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