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30th Birthday Decorations Ideas

Birthday Decorations Ideas

Balloons have become a must-have at any birthday party — this is a perfect choice both at a baby’s party and at a thirty-year-old person’s celebration. The main thing is to know how to use balloons to stunningly decorate your house!

Start with buying high-quality, branded items; for example, you can find them here. The beauty of your decorations and the time they will retain their initial shape depend on the quality of the inflatables, and the wide range the store offers will allow you to save time and find all types of balls you need for your versatile decor.

And now, check out these stunning 30th birthday decorations ideas!

Festive table decoration

This design method is perfect for decorating a birthday:

  • fill multi-colored balloons with helium;
  • arrange boxes with surprises for each guest near each plate;
  • tie a balloon to each box;
  • attach a pair of serpentine ribbons to the ball’s neck — and your minimalistic and beautiful table décor is ready!

Huge balloon decorations with frames

Solid volumetric structures (balloon walls, arches, columns, etc.) are usually created for grandiose holidays — who said that a 30th anniversary party is not one of such celebrations?!

You can create a huge arch or a balloon wall: these structures differ in that they can have a solid frame or be completely frameless. The former option is better suited for the street, as they are more stable, while the latter is good for decorating a room or hall.

Designers also use frames and meshes for large balloon walls and vertical supports for creating tall inflatable pillars. Be prepared that you will need the help of 2-3 friends to create large structures.

Custom balloons

Here, we will talk about decorating balloons. The type of decor depends on your preferences and the concept of the party. So, you can:

  • order printing on balloons and make centerpieces with meaning out of them;
  • dip the inflated balloons in glue and then dip them in a container filled with sparkles (for this, it is better to use helium balloons);
  • inflate the balloons and carefully paint them in a style that the birthday person likes!

Balloon stuffed with smaller inflatables

This decoration looks not only festive and bright but is also quite an interesting design solution:

  • Put a small colored ball into a large transparent one using a special expander and gently inflate it inside. Tie it up, leaving it inside. Repeat the procedure 2-3 more times with balls of other colors. Thus, 3-4 multi-colored items should fit in a large transparent ball.
  • Next, inflate a large balloon with helium.
  • Tie a serpentine or tinsel to the neck of a large ball.

For the premises of 10-12 square meters, you need at least 15-20 of these ready-made balls!

Balloons with gifts

This décor looks very cute and sophisticated:

  • inflate balloons with helium;
  • tie beautiful ribbons of different lengths to their necks (so, the finished composition looks more interesting);
  • tie some cute little things (for example, small teddy bears) to the ribbons;
  • place the balloons in one place —the birthday boy will definitely like such a fascinating gift!

More balloons!

This décor option will delight all your guests, regardless of their age or gender!

Inflate lots of balloons (buy a pump, ‘cause you simply won’t be able to inflate so many balls!). There should be enough items so that they fall on the person who opens the door to the room — that is, the room must be just filled with inflatables! It’s a tough task, but the effect is so spectacular!

The second option is called “avalanche”, and it is the best choice for the rooms with high ceilings. Attach a wide net to the ceiling and fill this “hammock” with air-filled multi-colored balls. At the right moment, one of the guests breaks the net, and the balls fall on the guests like an avalanche. Get your cameras ready in advance!

Fruit balloon garlands

  • Inflate balloons of different colors, and use both round and twisting items to create realistic fruits and berries.
  • Create bunches of raspberries, grapes, and pineapples from them.
  • Cut out fruit leaves from paper, and glue them to the balls.
  • If necessary, complete the decor with drawings on the balloons’ surface.