Beauty With A Scar

Beauty With A Scar

Their friendship had been strong and fine.

Her smile was the umbrella aiding his sorrows.

He smiled to his heart often for being able to find the face where it belongs while she was his friend and he loved her.

She wasn’t seeking love yet she found love not in their friendship but in another man.

The man she loved had deep brown eyes who saw her when she looked the prettiest and did not walk away from her side at her ugliest.

She loved him as the man could break her in a million ways but all he did was care for her in every way.

Her love for him was her gold mine when she spoke about him. You should have seen how her tiny eyes shined.

She chose her love over her friend; his heart burned like a cigar when he learned her heart is taken by another man .

How could she belong to another? kept asking his heart and mind.

If not mine she would be with no other while in pieces said his heart.

While she waved goodbye, he planted a kiss but with his rage ending up his kiss into a nasty scar.

She was surprised and broken all at once. He smirked and laughed at the thought of a pretty girl with a scar.

She was lost not knowing what would her answer be for the pain in her eyes and the red blood shining in the scar so she closed her eyes in the arms of the man she loved, crying inside was her heart.

To tell the truth or just run away was a mystery her mind was trying to solve.

If she told the truth where would it start and why would he believe her asked her mind there were so many thoughts in her brain like thousands of drowning ships sailing in a deep ocean trying to survive.

With no mistake of her own she could feel chills running down her spine.

Life had been so unkind she gathered all her courage with her hand covering her stomach and intestine while she told him about it all.

Would he still care for me or would he think of me as a young girl looking for fun?

Now asked her fear.

Gruesome, surprised and hurt were the only words and expressions his eyes spoke and thought. Silence was so loud, his unspoken emotions were so clear.

Watching him broke, her heart was in despair, to which her mind told her it was very proud of the way she fought the next day when she opened her eyes he kissed her gently accepting her beauty with her scar.

She slept wrapped in his arms again she was home after a long war.

-By Joshna Tandel

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