5 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend He’s Ever Had (Advice From A Man)

Ways Best Girlfriend

4. Handle fights maturely.

Love is like a hill; there are the ups and the downs, and as far as fights go, it’s only natural that they happen to you.

In fact, if you never argue with your boyfriend, your relationship is probably already doomed. Disputes are core in any relationship; it’s what makes our voices heard. Besides, you can’t expect everything to run smoothly all the time. You’re not Romeo and Juliet. Occasional fights are a necessary evil over the long term. That said, it’s important to act maturely when they occur.

Understand that when he brings up an issue and you fight, it’s because he wants you to understand something about him or the relationship, not because he wants to hurt you intentionally. Try to be a good listener, forgive and forget, and don’t air your dirty laundry on social media.

5. Keep your own interests and passions.

Above and beyond that relationship, you have your own life to live. Get a new look every now and then, go to the gym, eat healthily, get a career, stay in trend etcetera. You’re fully responsible for whatever you choose to do with your life. So explore, explore, explore.

Don’t let any relationship hold you back but keep your boyfriend actively involved in whatever you’re doing when it makes sense. You can, for example, ask him to accompany you on a road trip with your friends, or ask his opinion on things… just anything to assure him that his opinion matters to you. As silly it sounds, he likes knowing you appreciate his opinion.

The more active you are in your own life, the more lively your relationship will become.

As I said earlier, we are all different in regards to tastes. No cheat sheet really exists with respect to matters concerning the heart. It’s important to evaluate your relationship and understand your partner fully. Then you can play by your own rules to make things work.

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Learn to love from your heart and don’t use your relationship as a tool to fill a broken part within yourself. Balance your emotions with your thoughts and be confident in the love you share. As a bonus point, don’t try making your partner jealous in hopes of getting a reaction to prove that he loves you. I know they do it in the movies, but it’s often more of a “Don’t try this at home” kind of thing.

Written by Kaka Kabaya
Originally appeared in Attract The One
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5 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend He’s Ever Had (Advice From A Man)

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