The Bat and The Joker

B – Once again, I’m here to stop you

I wonder how much it will take

When you’ll finally put the brake

Your career path needs a review


J – Why so serious? Put on a smile!

This world has never been brighter!

Flames of chaos bringing disaster

What a party! Why so hostile?


B – Insanity is what you are

A comedy of the worst kind

No party here, you’re just blind

By your madness… you won’t go far


J – Let me tell you : I see clearly

More than a bat in a dark cave

Too much options to be a slave!

Too much pain to inflict dearly!


B – There’s no need to look around

The way of justice is enough

Turn around, time to handcuff

It’ll be better without a sound


J – Oh my! What a sense of humour!

It’s not hopeless after all!

But I must confess : I won’t fall

Smile before you’ll just suffer!


B – You won’t fall : you’ll be encaged

You’re a joke without the laugh

No choice here, I’ll break you in half

You’re about to be upstaged…


J – My poor heart sure is split in two…

Be careful with what you pitch

We’re threads of the same stitch

Now feel the sorrow I’m going through!

Léo Leblanc
Hello there! My name is Léo Leblanc, a french canadian poet. If you want to purchase my french works on poetry, here's the link on Amazon :éo-Leblanc/dp/2754743588


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