The Bat and The Joker

bat and joker

B – Once again, I’m here to stop you

I wonder how much it will take

When you’ll finally put the brake

Your career path needs a review


J – Why so serious? Put on a smile!

This world has never been brighter!

Flames of chaos bringing disaster

What a party! Why so hostile?


B – Insanity is what you are

A comedy of the worst kind

No party here, you’re just blind

By your madness… you won’t go far


J – Let me tell you : I see clearly

More than a bat in a dark cave

Too much options to be a slave!

Too much pain to inflict dearly!


B – There’s no need to look around

The way of justice is enough

Turn around, time to handcuff

It’ll be better without a sound


J – Oh my! What a sense of humour!

It’s not hopeless after all!

But I must confess : I won’t fall

Smile before you’ll just suffer!


B – You won’t fall : you’ll be encaged

You’re a joke without the laugh

No choice here, I’ll break you in half

You’re about to be upstaged…


J – My poor heart sure is split in two…

Be careful with what you pitch

We’re threads of the same stitch

Now feel the sorrow I’m going through!