Léo Leblanc

Hello there! My name is Léo Leblanc, a french canadian poet. If you want to purchase my french works on poetry, here's the link on Amazon : https://www.amazon.fr/50-Premiers-Pas-Léo-Leblanc/dp/2754743588

You’re My Kind

I can’t tell if I can keep a secret Looking at you with furtive intentions The silence I keep is a skillful lie While the eyes are afraid

A Rude Awakening

A Rude Awakening , The sleepwalker that I was before Dreamed of an idyllic world Chimeras added with each snore Constructing a meaningful dreamworld


You normally look no further On your hands you're able to count Established bonds from your fingersIn between, it's a great amount A house, a bar,


Ambulant symbols every corner, We project a bigger picture of us

The Judas To My Jesus

In the past, you weren’t able to hideActing with a sick parasite mind,The Judas To My Jesus,

Cosmos Of Dysphoria

Numerous stars should be shiningAre you one of them, wanderingIn a dark dissatisfaction?Cosmos Of Dysphoria ,


Familiar with videogamesYou know, the real is similarVirtual eyes, you won’t be the sameA list of rules predetermined

The Winning Game

Starring acceptance as your lover Ego, Soul, an internal battle

Into The Avoidant’s Shelter

Shark who’s in fact a secretive dolphinLocking his true nature in a coffinBy applying care he surely can rebornNo one should end their days lovelorn