Léo Leblanc

Hello there! My name is Léo Leblanc, a french canadian poet. If you want to purchase my french works on poetry, here's the link on Amazon : https://www.amazon.fr/50-Premiers-Pas-Léo-Leblanc/dp/2754743588

Be Like Nature

Be Like Nature

Be the follower of your flow, be calm and live effortlessly, be like Nature.

You’re My Kind

I can’t tell if I can keep a secret Looking at you with furtive intentions The silence I keep is a skillful lie While the eyes are afraid

A Rude Awakening

A Rude Awakening , The sleepwalker that I was before Dreamed of an idyllic world Chimeras added with each snore Constructing a meaningful dreamworld


You normally look no further On your hands you’re able to count Established bonds from your fingersIn between, it’s a great amount A house, a bar,


Ambulant symbols every corner, We project a bigger picture of us

The Judas To My Jesus

The Judas To My Jesus

In the past, you weren’t able to hideActing with a sick parasite mind,The Judas To My Jesus,

Cosmos Of Dysphoria

Cosmos Of Dysphoria

Numerous stars should be shiningAre you one of them, wanderingIn a dark dissatisfaction?Cosmos Of Dysphoria ,

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