“Ascension” – Mind Talk

"Ascension" - Mind Talk


“Infallible… She would nestle, She would embrace.. the things, as to never let them go; clinging so tight till and cherishing ‘Them’, till She discerned something low..

Blistering her heart and blighting her soul; Wrapping her mind , lest passing over herself.

For once, She unlatched what she held close, She ousted what she bosomed..

Herself she picked, only to evoke; to give the things go by.. That no longer were worth, and made her blithersome no more..

For it wasn’t worth her while; and wherefore She ” Let it go !! “”

Monika Ajay Kaul

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  1. I believe ..

    The resilience doesn't come with what you have done, what you do or what you will do;

    It comes from overcoming and vanquishing of the things, we once thought we couldn't.

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