Monika Ajay Kaul

B-School Academician by profession.Like to read literature; Painting , my passion; Learning to express through writings !!A day-dreamer 🙂


Like twining a string of colorful pearls.A disarrayed pattern of beads; Glittering and dull, swanky and modest. Fastened with Time ;Unpredictable and unintended

A Question Mark!!

She collated herself in a Question Mark,the word puzzles no one could decipher..Fetching a plethora of memories,like the lyrics of an old revered song..

Poison Ivy..!!

The heaps of my drab dreams laid somewhere,You arrived and touched to make them alive.From the lost pages of nothingness...

And thus.. Artists’ are born !

No one can take away an Artists' ‎Conscience, Their propensity to empathize, Their intuition and imagination.

A Search!!

And..   Entire life,  we lookout for a REFUGE.   We overlook the best SANCTUARY,  that lies within us..!!   ~Monika Ajay Kaul

Quietly.. Love Transcends..!!

Love asks for no possession neither can it be seized; Because it's love and not a tenancy.

Aimless Feelings

My thoughts burlesque mysterious ocean to you. The moments I presage them, Read More... Mindtalk By Monika Ajay Kaul

An Enigmatic Affair..!!

The LOVE-AFFAIR between 'Heart & Mind' is Inscrutable..! Contesting to LIVE with each other.. Yet, Longing to DIE together..!! ~ Monika Ajay Kaul