ARMENIA: The Heaven Here On Earth

This is what holidays and travels are about. It is not really to rest and chase the leisure. We want to renew our ability for wonder, to just surprise ourselves to astonishment once again. It’s such an unexpected pleasure and I never get tired. I created memories of my holiday by getting some postcards of Mt. Ararat, Mother of Armenia, The Cascade overlooking the Mt. Ararat, Opera House, Republic Square and all that. Everything is alien. I have been in beautiful places in this City that I just have to leave. I can’t take it. That’s an interesting trouble for travelers. To be surrounded by amazing beauty that is compelling to the eyes. I took a photograph of every single thing, even the last leaf that fell down to the ground on the last day of autumn. I have kept the paper napkin and tried to take away menu from a restaurant. I brought home with me a small snake- shaped bottle of whiskey that a man gave me. He said smiling, “This is for you. It’s a simple token for coming in our country. Welcome to Armenia.” I brought home with me the fallen autumn leaves with different colors and different shapes; those fruits of the cedar trees and so on. It’s always been our characteristics to bring home souvenirs or two from a place we’ve been to, especially for the first time. Maybe it’s our sentimental nature that made us store sackful of souvenirs, so that each time nostalgia hits us, there’s a memento we can see, touch and evoke memories of the good times. There were other wonderful moments with my friends on that glorious holiday- delicious foods, sips of Armenian Champagne and Georgian wines and much laughter. The scents of the wood fires, fresh air- we gather December’s joy- with a playful snow walk. We hold the gaze and flashed a smile. We hugged. We embraced. We laughed. And we just love everybody. And hey, don’t count on getting by in English. Your best bet is Russian or learning some Armenian words, people will love you for it!

What I have seen there or what I have done was really a part of my life and happiness. If the heart has a memory, somewhere in time, in the vast lingering landscapes of the mind these words and feeling of happiness will forever be inscribed.

To all of you- an immeasurable THANK YOU for being there with me when I decided to make one of my dreams come true.

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