All that love could be

Lost in this world full of strangers,

Where I thought I never fitted in,

I was waiting for the chance to finally meet you,

Then I realized,
All I really needed was to love you,

Through the seasons that have gone by,

Day after day and night after night,

I was searching for you,

You were the light that I followed through my nights of uncertainties,

You saved me and I thought of you every minute

What is it that you have done,

Is simply amazing you gave me something I could feel,

Then I realised,

Love is all that matters,

love is everything and everything in between,

Faithful, Grateful for meeting you I have become,

throughout my life I will carry you in my heart,

as you are the treasure so precious to me yet so fragile to keep,

I was a prisoner of the illusion of greed and richness,

But you, you were something else,

You were the universe yet,

You are just one,

My loneliness and my greed has ended,

Thanks to the radiance and warmth that your smile sends through me,

My love for you has set me free,

Dreams from the past,

That I have been waiting for came true at last,

To make you happy is all I need,

Now I never noticed how my life was changing,
Before I was blinded by the pain that wounded me but now I can see,

All that love can be

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