Abyss – The Unread Scribble

Abyss The Unread Scribble

Abyss – The Unread Scribble

A thousand colors displayed by a single being of stardust. The soul of humanity is lost within the filthy rust, as insensitivity reloads a reminder of broken trust. A heart is stoned, where once only love grew beautifully. Faith strives as realities brew before eyes painfully. A human can’t save a human from the strokes of this world. A human won’t hold another’s hand on the way up to the glorious climb. The ones who have always been deceiving unfaithfully, don’t deserve to shake hands with for the sake of love.

So let your heart bid a farewell to the drama of pretending to be nice to them. And make a promise to yourself not to close your eyes towards the light that you need. The only one that never deceives. Write to God, speak to Him, make supplications in His court. And remind yourself every day; a human is not in need of a human, a human never was in need of a human.

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