A Detailed Guide to Getting a Divorce


Marriage is a strong and blissful relationship between two people who get united legally, economically, and emotionally. But sometimes, this relationship can become very weak. Everyone wants to make this relationship work, but some of us fail to do so. If you are struggling with a failing marriage, then you may be considering divorce.

The end of the marriage is already traumatizing, and the process of divorce only adds to it. So that is why this article provides all the important information on divorce. So first, let’s see why people get divorced.

What are the reasons for deciding on divorce?

There are several reasons for seeking a divorce, including:

  • Infidelity
  • Stress
  • Financial problems
  • Conflicts between each other
  • Disappearance of intimacy
  • Incomplete promises and expectations
  • The disappearance of individual identity

Whatever the reason, if you have decided that you want a divorce, you will need to take some steps.

What are the necessary steps you need to take?

Your unique aspects of the relationship will determine the steps you need to take. The divorce of a couple married for a short while, with no children, little debt, and property will be easier than a couple married for a long time with children, especially minor. Significant debt and property to be divided will be more complicated.

Moreover, if both spouses do not agree to divorce, then the process may be prolonged. And if there is a disagreement between the spouses during the agreement process, then the process will go much slower than if they cooperate and sort things out instead of fighting.

1) Request for divorce

For the process of divorce to start, you need to file a divorce petition. The petition shows the reasons for divorce. Different states have varying laws regarding divorce and its aspects. Some areas will consider some reasons as faults. You should work with good divorce lawyers in Houston to know the laws in the area and make a wise decision.

2) Order for custody and support

If you want to seek custody of children and child support, you will need to get temporary orders from the court. A temporary order is given in a few days of the petition and until the final divorce hearing.

3) Proof of service

You will also have to file for proof of service to move ahead when you file for a divorce. This document will ensure that the other party receives a copy of the petition. There are different ways to do this; you should consult with a lawyer regarding this. And if you are the party that receives the copy of the petition from the other spouse, you will have to file a response to the divorce petition.

4) Negotiations

When the spouses disagree on issues, they must negotiate to settle their difference of opinion. This is usually done through mediation. By working with a mediator, you can settle disputes and resolve issues outside of court.

5) Order of dissolution

Once everything is done, the order of dissolution is given. This document will give a detailed description regarding the division of property and debts, child custody, child support, schedule of visitation, and other issues.

Once everything is negotiated, each party’s lawyer will draft the document and submit it to court. If the document is in accordance with the legal requirements, and both parties agree to it willingly, then the judge will grant it. This finalizes the divorce.


If you are facing a failing marriage and want to seek a divorce, you should work with a divorce lawyer who will advise you regarding property division, alimony, child custody, and child support. They will offer their support and knowledge to help you move ahead with the divorce process.


Mia M