8 Things Women Want Men to Do in Bed

Men have been trying to understand how women think since the beginning of time! But, as you will see below, women are not as complicated as portrayed by the media. In bed and in life, we only want to feel appreciated and loved.

The good news is that you can do this without changing who you are as a man. And, since the bedroom is where a couple shares their most intimate moments, below are some of the things women would want men to do more often in bed.

#1: Bring Breakfast

There is something incredibly romantic and sweet about a guy who brings breakfast in bed! The effort of cooking and creating a beautiful display that’s just for her is not something most women are used to.

Still, make sure the food you prepare (and yes, it should be something you cooked) is eatable. If she only remembers the breakfast because the food was bad, the romance is gone! Also, don’t forget to add a fresh flower or a small decoration that speaks about your love for her.

#2: Give a Foot Massage

It is an incredibly caring and amazing thing to just offer your partner a foot massage after a long day on her feet! This type of massage is relaxing and stimulates the health of the entire body. Furthermore, if you truly want to make an impression, you can read about reflexology and how to combine this technique with massage moves.

Now, if you’re not quite proficient in rubbing feet, don’t worry; there are plenty of online tutorials to help you learn. Just make sure to be completely selfless and don’t expect anything in return. She’ll appreciate you taking the time to learn and the fact that you’re focusing on her!

#3: Help Find the Right Mattress

While this may not be something to do in bed, it does connect strongly to your general well-being and happiness. A high-quality mattress should service both of your needs and provide adequate spine support. However, the search for the perfect mattress can be confusing and frustrating with so many products on the market.

So, don’t make her do it and then complain she didn’t take your preferences into consideration! Do the research with her and maybe surprise her by showing up with a coupon (Nolah Mattress Coupons is a great place to start). She will love you getting involved!

#4: Some Spontaneity

If your go-to move for the evening is crash in bed – turn on the TV – start snoring in under 30 minutes, you can see why she may not be extremely happy. Given that this is bedtime, she doesn’t want you to do any grand gestures.

It’s enough to insert some spontaneity from time to time by doing something she doesn’t expect. Little things such as buying that scented candle you know she likes, or maybe prepare the bed for the evening. A woman wants to feel seen and appreciated, and small gestures show you listen.

#5: Pay Attention to Her

Somehow building on the point above, some couples only get to be alone and truly relax when they are in bed, preparing to fall asleep. So, use this small window to show an interest in her day and general life.

Ask about her day or that meeting you know she had. Ask about the book she’s reading and/or pay an interest in something that’s only hers.

And, talking about kids and common problems doesn’t count. You each need to feel appreciated, so make sure to pay attention to her individual needs as well.

#6:  Share your Thoughts

One of the main complains you hear from women about men is that they are emotionally closed. Now, it’s true that each gender processes emotions differently and women tend to feel be more in touch with their feelings.

However, in a long-term, committed relationship, it’s important to share your thoughts. And, when you’re laying in bed, next to each other, sharing can be a very romantic and intimate thing to do. It will deepen your connection and show her you feel safe enough to open up.   

#7: Watch Less TV

Unless you’re both watching the same shows and are crazy about watching movies in bed, she wants you to watch less TV right before you fall asleep! Women enjoy talking and they love to feel you are listening, which is why she doesn’t like it when your focus is on the screen.

Now, you don’t have to completely give up on your TV habits! It is enough to come up with a schedule, where several nights a week, you fall asleep without TV.

#8: Show Respect for Her Efforts

Women put a lot of thought into how the bedroom is arranged, the type of colors and decorations to use, and so on. This care usually translates to the bed, where she selects the linens, makes the bed, organizes the nightstand, and so on.

As a result, the bedroom is now a warm, cozy room, where sleep comes easily to both of you. But most men don’t see the effort behind. They enjoy the atmosphere but don’t understand the effort that goes into it.

So, from time to time, let her know how much you love the new sheets. Or how you like it that the sheets are always matching with the drapes.

Overall, women don’t need grand gestures and they don’t want you to go out of your way to show your love. Small gestures, that show appreciation and acknowledgment are enough!

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