6 Benefits of Meditation you probably never heard about


 How meditation heals:

 According to Harvard Health, and a study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, meditation allows you to draw on a direct feeling of relaxation. This feeling trains the mind to call back on it when it is time to go to sleep, and with the heightened feelings of peace and tranquility experienced in meditation, your night time sleep will be uninterrupted and your daytime will be a vibrant energy-filled experience.

 The ageing process –

What stress does:

 Believe it or not, stress makes you age faster. According to Harvard Health, a study that led to a Nobel Prize showed significant evidence that stress affects the ends of chromosomes called telomeres. These structures inside cells contain the genes. A large amount of stress causes them to shorten faster over time, once short enough, the cell dies. Not only that but people with excessive short telomeres are prone to cancer and heart disease.

How meditation heals:

On the same note as stress shortening the telomeres, meditation according to CNN, promotes telomere health. Far beyond that, adding exercise and a healthy diet is bound to give you the elixir to eternal youth, well almost.

 Stress in youth is another problem that has hit the world by storm. According to TeenHelp.com 78% of Baltimore teens alone experienced stress from school work. Varsity students have a higher score, but it’s due to the excessively unrealistic deadlines. Many teens and varsity students have not learned to use tools like RushMyEssay.co.uk or mindfulness meditations like the one mentioned below. It is imperative that we start informing the youth about the dangers of stress and how meditation can prevent serious illnesses and lifelong health detriments. Just to get you started we sourced out a few excellent online mindfulness meditations from the UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Centre.