5 Ways To Stay Calm And Happy This Holiday Season

ways to stay calm and happy this holiday season

The holiday season is upon us, and if you are anything like me, it can make you feel a little stressed. Even though I love many holiday traditions, the holiday season also brings high expectations for family gatherings and spending time with friends.

Don’t worry–you don’t have to let stress overwhelm your holiday cheer!

Here Are Five Ways To Stay Calm And Happy This Holiday Season.

1. Stay Positive And Don’t Focus On The Negative

When you wake up on holiday morning, don’t focus on the negative things that could happen. The holiday season can be a stressful time of year for many people, so if something does go wrong it might not seem like too big of a deal–it’s just another part of holiday stress!

Focus on what you love about the holiday season. Instead of focusing on holiday stressors, spend time thinking about all the things you love about this time of year.

Do you like decorating your home? Getting together with friends and family? Relaxing by a fire after everything is put away for another year? Whatever it is that makes you feel calm and happy, try to do it as much as possible during the holiday season.

2. Be Grateful For What You Have

Thinking about holiday traditions has made me realize that I am very lucky. Even though things don’t always go the way you expect them to, it’s important to remember what is most important in your life. We can’t predict what we’ll find in the coming months, but we do know that no matter how tough things get, it’s never too late to stop and rest!

Avoid comparing yourself to others. The holiday season is a great time to support your friends and family, but it can also be easy to compare yourself or your holiday traditions with those around you.

It’s important not to let comparison take away from the holiday cheer–and remember that everyone has different holiday traditions!

3. Take Care Of Yourself

It’s easy to let holiday stress take over your life, but you can’t do that if you don’t care for yourself. Make sure you are getting enough sleep (stress causes fatigue!), exercising regularly (exercise boosts endorphins!), and eating well (healthy foods make healthy minds!).

If all else fails…take a break. Get outside during daylight hours to get some fresh air and just be with yourself. Meditate and think about the year that you’ve been through and what you’ve accomplished. Think about all of the wonderful things that are coming your way and everything you have to be thankful for. Take a holiday from holiday stress!

Find peace in the chaos of the holidays by recognizing that it’s okay not to have everything perfect all the time.  Learn to let go of holiday expectations and just enjoy your loved ones. Consider how valuable your time together is. Relax with holiday music, holiday movies, and holiday treats!

Be grateful for what you have in your life during the holiday season.  Share the love by giving gifts to others or doing something nice for someone else so they can feel loved too. Give yourself time off from worrying about things outside of your control because it is not worth ruining your holiday over.

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