4 Ways To Aid Maintain Mental Balance

Aid Maintain Mental Balance

Maintain Mental Balance

We’re all at home in this pandemic, and it was fun at first, but now it feels like it’s never going to end! If you’re living in the city where space is at a premium, it’s completely normal to be feeling claustrophobic and, as a result, more stressed than usual.

On the flip side, there are some things you can do to release the tension. Whether that’s to run and let your endorphins spike, or if it’s as simple as pouring CBD oil onto everything in life, we don’t blame you.

Life’s getting more stressful, and finding something to help you get through this madness is pretty reasonable.

We’ve put together four ways to keep you mentally moving during this turbulent time:

1. Exercise

I think we can all confidently say we know exercise is good for us, and it can help boost not just our physical fitness but also our mental state.

Regardless of if you like to weight train, run or cycle, they are all incredibly beneficial ways to reduce stress and a sure way for your bliss molecule, anandamide spike.

Often, the hardest part is getting started. If you haven’t been partaking in regular in the past, look at it as iterative steps you need to take. Start with baby steps, a short job at a slow pace, and gather up your momentum as time goes on.

As with anything, it’s about remaining persistent and maintaining a routine. You can even see it as simply a way to get outside, especially given how most of us are inside most of the time as of late.

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Although, if you’re not into exercising and don’t think it’s something you would do, what else is there?

2. CBD

Most of us have heard of this three-letter phrase, formally known as cannabidiol.

It’s a cannabis compound (cannabinoid), which is non-intoxicating, and an increasing number of people are using it for its potential therapeutic benefits. These include aiding in the reduction of stress and anxiety, often the enemies of mental wellbeing.

While you might be wary given its associated with marijuana, CBD doesn’t get you high, and it’s been classed as safe by the World Health Organisation.

Nonetheless, when it comes to cannabidiol, the CBD products available today can vary in quality and may require experimentation for you to find the one for you. On the more positive side, there are now thousands of anecdotal reports to reference, and if you want to, many research articles to read over a cup of coffee.

3. Meditation

Taking some time to reflect and focus back on the events which are occurring in your life can be useful to push forward and relieve mental tension.

Meditation is often associated with mindfulness and an increased awareness of a single thing, narrowing down your focus ultimately onto that one lever. It’s often associated with deep breathing and a complete pause on the busy life around you.

It can be done at home, and you don’t need to pay for an expensive class or app either. Just go to youtube and find your zen!

4. General Balance

Give yourself some slack.

There is no need to do things at full pelt, take it to step by step, and maintain balance. Regardless of if that’s improving your diet, running daily, or starting adding CBD to your routine.

For most of us, making change takes time, and it can feel like pushing a car forward. Just remember that once you’ve gather initial momentum, it’s much easier to push harder and maintain the pace!


Ahmed Mir