3 Valentine Gifts for Her You Won’t Find in Every Store

3 Valentine Gifts for Her You Won't Find in Every Store

Valentine’s Day is that day when you want to find the perfect gift for the woman in your life, whether she’s a new girlfriend or has been your wife for several years. Finding the right gift will show how much you love her and how you appreciate her being with you.  You also know that it’s more than likely she will be sharing news about her present from you with her friends, so while the stakes are high, there’s no need to break out into a sweat, because here we list some gifts you won’t find in every store, and such she will be sure to adore.

Whilst love can be shown in the smallest ways, from a kiss as you pass in the hallway, or getting her favourite chocolate on the way home from work, Valentine’s day is a chance to show how much more beautiful life can be. Whilst a bouquet of red roses and a box of her favourite chocolates are traditional gifts for this celebration, unique valentine gifts such as those at valentinesideasforher.com will show her how important she is to you and how much you care.  Here are some more unusual gift ideas that break from being material items, giving you the perfect excuse to spend some quality time together as a break from your usual routines.

A gourmet meal

One of life’s greatest pleasures is beautifully prepared food from the freshest ingredients.  A gourmet meal with your lover at one of the finest restaurants is the ultimate luxury gift. This can be a 5-star restaurant close to home, or you could fly to the world’s most expensive restaurant in the world, Le Meurice in Paris.

We all have busy lives, so if time is an issue, book a lunch date at your favourite eating-place or perhaps book a table at the restaurant where you went on a first date.  You could choose afternoon tea at The Ritz in London, which serves up a quintessentially British treat with a contemporary twist, offering an array of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve, pastries and dainty fancies with a tea or infusion of your choice. This is a great time for the two of you to have some quality time together to reminisce about the past and plan for your future.

You can, of course, stay at home and have your gourmet meal delivered. Ask friends or family to have the kids for a sleepover and put on her favourite music, dim the lights and dress the table with flowers and candles.

Vineyard or brewery trip

Have a fun day out to either a brewery or a vineyard, depending on your preference for hops or grapes.  A visit to a local brewery or vineyard makes for a great afternoon of taste-testing, good company and the chance to learn how the beer and wine are made. You can join a group tour or book a private tour of your own.

If there is nothing close by to make a day trip possible, consider a leisurely getaway to one of the countries on your wish list that is so rich in culture, cuisine, history, architecture, and natural beauty, that is only made better when you add beer or wine to the mix. Book a night at a boutique hotel to give your lover the most luxurious and fun evening!

If you have been saving up or already have a trip planned to a romantic destination, surprise your lover by handling all of the stressful, little details. If planning isn’t one of your strong points, there are many services that will take care of your wish-list of activities, accommodation and dinner reservations whether you stay close to home or jet off to Paris for Champagne on a cruise down the Seine.

Couple’s Spa Day

Even if you have never set foot in a spa, a couple’s spa date is a truly romantic experience, and it is likely you’ll be back for more.  A spa day gives you both the opportunity to unwind, de-stress, and be pampered. There are lots of different spa treatments to choose from, but if your beloved has a favourite spa, find out if they do special couples packages and choose one that you know you will both enjoy. 

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