24 Hours

24 Hours

Christmas is the time of joy, laughter, family and friends. Coming together to sing Christmas carols and opening presents. Kids joyfully running around, going to sleep early on Christmas Eve but keeping one eye open for Santa.

I too was a Christmas enthusiast, but things kind of changed the older I got. My Christmas list grew smaller and smaller each year. The excitement sneaking away from me, replaced by a small lump in my throat. I am no grinch, I should  add. I love the decorations, the festive spirit and the whole idea behind Christmas. It’s just…

It’s just the fact that not all can enjoy the picture perfect Christmas. Some people have to choose the family whom they are going to be with because of family feuds, leaving the others to ‘fend for themselves’. Some families have to worry about how is dad or mom going to be after all the drinks at the Christmas meal. Some families thinking about how this Christmas is going to be after we have lost so and so this year. Others will not have any means to celebrate at all, just another day of survival out of the trash cans. Christmas became a time of guilt, sadness and worry.

Maybe it was like this all along or maybe it is just a side effect of life, I honestly don’t know.

This year I’m not going to wish you a merry Christmas, I’m going to wish you Christmas with less guilt, less sadness and less worry. Stay strong , take a breath, after all it’s just another day with 24 hours.

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