15 Excerpts From Poems And Articles To Cry About

15 Excerpts From Poems And Articles To Cry About

And don’t apologize for our tears to fall down because these are the antifreeze of the soul. Tears are the beautiful rainfalls when the inner storms do not seem to subside. It’s okay to give ourselves the permission to shed tears just to bless our hearts with the gift of healing. We all need the tears to pour down. They might not run deep but that’s what we need and it’s  enough to lessen the resentment we feel in our lives.

Sometimes we’re so drained off and empty or upset that a single unexpected word, a line from a poem or a song, or just knowing a friend is giving up on us can trigger our tears especially when a situation feel infuriatingly vague or absolutely irrepressible. Oftentimes, our conscious mind might not remember the source of our loneliness and sorrow, but our soul always do. Don’t be ashamed to shed tears and well up. It’s okay to get in touch with our emotions every now and then. It’s good, healthy and wise. It’s a form of articulated prayer and a special gift.

I give you some of the excerpts from published articles and poems to cry about. Let it fall down and water your soul…

1. “I see you everyday.

I know you’re looking back on me,

what the hell happened to the eyes that were once full of life,

to the face that use to glow like a moon,

to the smile that never left my lips,

to the reflection that was brighter than the sun.”

Rania Naim, writer & poet

2. “You say you love me

with your shot of whiskey,

You say I’m the one

with your glass of champagne,

But then you don’t say a word

with your glass of coffee.”

Rania Naim, writer & poet

3. “I wonder why there are things

that defy explanations

and one of them is why

our hearts function the way they do.

How can you explain a mother

who takes out the food in her mouth,

to give to her starving kid?

How can you explain a beautiful girl’s decision,

to leave her boyfriend and disappeared

behind the wall of a convent?

How can you explain a man

who dives into a raging sea

and saves a girl from drowning?

Ah, the hearts behave the way they do

Because they can love and love…

defy all reasons.”

Bea C. Pilotin, writer

4. “I wish you enough love,

enough purpose,

enough brokenness,

enough wholeness,

so that your life is imperfect

and beautiful and blessed.”

Marisa Donnelly, editor & producer

5. “I have asked myself why

do the shattered trees shriveled

when they have so much love to give?

Why do the dying flower wilt

when they have so much scents to give?

Why do river dry up when the rain can fill it?

Why it has to be that every beautiful

thing has to die when there are so much

reasons to live?

Yes, there are things in life that are hard to explain

and are so difficult to live with them!”

Bea C. Pilotin, writer

6. “Let him forget me but grant me this:

Let me love him from the distance.

Let me dream of what could have been.

And now that he found happiness in your arms,

let me dream, too, that he is in mine.”

Bea C. Pilotin, writer

7. “Life doesn’t stop after losing someone,

but it goes on without them differently.”

Nizar Qabbani, poet & publisher

8. “She is going to leave you.

Not because of the things you did,

but because of the things that

you didn’t do.

She is going to leave you,

not because of the things you said,

but because of the thing you never said.”

Lauren Jarvis-Gibson, writer

9. “He wanted me to be the sky.

I left because he couldn’t see I already was.”

Sade Andria Bak-Zabala, poet & writer

10. “Wherever life takes you,

I wish you nothing but happiness and love.

As for me, a day will eventually come

that I’d be able to learn

the difference between solitude and loneliness.

And I will let myself feel

beloved on earth once again.”

Bea C. Pilotin, writer

11. “I hope you are truly happy.

I hope you find someone who can give you

everything I never could.

I hope the two of you thrive together.”

Allie Score, writer

12. “Thank you for the sight of undulating swing

of every day’s crushing sorrow.

Because of that, I have learned the ways of love.

I will let you go…to find the happiness

you didn’t find in me.”

Bea C. Pilotin, writer

13. “I can’t go on like this.

I can’t stand the pain of loving you.”

Bea C. Pilotin, writer

14. “The pain in my heart is killing me,

but it’s okay. I will move on.

I will leave you to your bliss and peace.

I will move out of the insular world which has sheltered

our togetherness for quite long time.

And, while you’re loving her, I will make

the best of what life has given me.

Even if you don’t love me anymore,

I still love myself, anyway.”

Bea C. Pilotin, writer

15. “Because when I say I love you,

it means you’re someone I picture

spending my future with,

until I draw my final breathe.”

Angelo Caerlang, writer

They said tears are rivers that take you somewhere. Have a good cry. Don’t resist the release of that high-pitch cry of wrenching loneliness and grief and that’s okay.


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