10 Unique First Date Ideas That Will Guarantee a Second Date

First Date Ideas

Even if you consider yourself a confident person, you’re lying if you think first dates aren’t the least bit nerve-wracking. There’s so much pressure on saying the right thing, looking stunning, and keeping the conversation going. And stakes are even higher when you’re responsible for planning the said date.

You can take the classic route and make dinner reservations at a popular restaurant. But, isn’t that just boring?


You should consult famous psychics to manifest love in your life and let us take care of your first dates. Here are our top picks for unique date ideas.


1. Plan a Picnic Date

Unarguable, one of the cutest date ideas is to go on a picnic. And we insist you bring the whole shebang to the park. Cozy blankets, scrumptious canapé, chilled drinks, witty card games- go all out to make it the best picnic either of you has been to. And trust us, your date will be gushing your praises to their friends.


2. Go on a Hike

If fitness is something that means a lot to you, you should invite your date to go on a hike. It’s not as intense as going to a spin class but just the right amount of sporty. And since you won’t be sitting face-to-face in a fancy restaurant, taking will be easier.


3. Play Mini-Golf

Activity-based dates are always enjoyable. Even if you don’t find a connection, you’ll still end up having a good time. Our favorite activity for first dates is playing mini-golf. It offers the perfect opportunity for friendly competition and flirty banter.


4. Explore Your City

Before Sunrise blessed us with one of the easiest, yet meaningful ways to get to know someone on a deeper level. Explore your city with your date, like tourists. Walk around, visit museums, pop into music stores, get ice cream, and enjoy effortless conversations.


5. Take a Class

Taking a class together is a lovely way to connect. You can book a couples’ pottery class and enjoy making pots for each other. To take the romance up a notch, go to a salsa dancing class.


6. Go on a Group Outing

If your nerves get the better of you on first dates, take the pressure off by planning a casual group hang. Once you’re acquainted and feel comfortable, you can go on one-on-one dates. Music concerts are a great option for group outings.


7. Cook for Your Date

Do you consider yourself a fantastic cook? Put your cooking skills to good use and invite your date over for dinner. Reserve this idea for someone you’re really serious about.

A casual option would be cooking a delicious spread of breakfast. Not as romantic as a dinner, but it’s still sweet.


8. Go to a Planetarium

Stargazing is simple yet incredibly romantic. Don’t let rising pollution levels keep you from banking on this idea. Take your date to a planetarium and stargaze away!


9. Thrift Shopping Date

If the person you’re taking on a date is always up for adventures, we suggest a thrift shopping date. And what’s that? Well, all you have to do is go to a thrift store and pick out an outfit for each other. And of course, wear it for the rest of your date!


10. Belt Out Some Tunes

Do you know what’s criminally underrated after a few drinks? Karaoke. Even if you can’t carry a tune to save your life, going to a karaoke bar is guaranteed fun. Maybe pick a duet and put your singing compatibility to test. And who knows, you might end up like Katherine Heigl and James Marsden in 27 Dresses.

We hope one of these ideas gets you that second date. Good luck!


Sarah Williams

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