ِAnd I Find Solace In….

And I find solace in surrounding myself with:

– free spirited broken individuals who pour their hearts out into a single piece of creation at a time.

– average humans who seek perfection and are never tired of trying to better the world!

– inspiring tormented souls locked in pure love and peace seeking hearts that are constantly cherishing the moment…

– greatly elevated minds so consciously aware of their dark side, they may appear totally mad to the masses!

– eyes that marvel into the void space and capture life!

– lips that whisper in awe at the sight of a flickering light…

– those wandering wanderers who sigh with every breath to sensually and lively express…

– beings who say it as it is and if not they stay quiet!!!

I surround myself with artists; a herd of unique warriors each in their own marvelously impeccable way and who never give up on what they put their minds into and most of all to what their hearts put them into….



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