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Zodiac Signs When Making decisions

Zodiac Signs When Making decisions

Zodiac Signs When Making decisions

ARIES: “Let’s arm wrestle for it”

TAURUS: Eats variations on the same meal every day to avoid having to choose

GEMINI: Will ghost until the decision is made for them

CANCER: Weighs what they think vs. what they feel and ultimately always chooses their feelings

LEO: Takes an hour to decide which three outfits they’ll cycle through today

VIRGO: Just says yes to everything

LIBRA: Can’t even decide which pant leg they should put on first

SCORPIO: Allows others to enjoy the illusion of control but is actually a puppet master calling all the shots

SAGITTARIUS: Blindly points to a place on a map and decides to move there

CAPRICORN: Is legally married to every decision they make

AQUARIUS: Does whatever everyone else isn’t doing

PISCES: Lets “fate” choose

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