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Zodiac Signs Waking Up

zodiac signs waking up

The Signs Waking Up

Aries – Bashes the phone with a hammer kept under its pillow when the alarm goes off but gets up finally

Taurus – “Breakfast time!!!”

Gemini – Checks Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, for 30 minutes

Cancer – “I know I said this many times but I can’t do this anymore… this is as far as I go…”

Leo – Turns the front camera on “oh man my hair is all over the place. “WAIT IS THIS ACNE?”

Virgo – Wakes up tired “What is the hack for energy?”

Libra – Has a motivational monologue “you can do it girl, step by step come on” walking into the bathroom like a zombie

Scorpio – “3 hours and 5 minutes of sleep. Are you kidding me? Thats all I got for a being nice yesterday?”

Sagittarius – Ignores the alarm, hugs the pillow and smiles their way to dreamland

Capricorn – Wakes up before the alarm goes off, “I am so ready for today!!!!”

Aquarius – Procrastinates going to bed, and when he finally does, he questions himself “is that the sun??!”

Pisces – Goes to bed, alarm set 10 minutes from now on zzzz

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