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Zodiac Signs In A New Relationship

Zodiac Signs In A New Relationship

Zodiac Signs In A New Relationship  

Aries: Is really like over affectionate like shit bitch chill.  

Taurus: Says ‘i love you’ way too fast. Stop that.  

Gemini: Tries to make plans 24/7. Its really annoying.  

Cancer: Is way too clingy for no reason  

Leo: Never wants to stop kissing. Has cooties.  

Virgo: Is actually pretty lit. Don’t suggest sex. They’re the VIRGINS  

Libra: Is mean but tough love is their thing.  

Scorpio: Brags to everyone and anything they know  

Sagittarius: Doesn’t get in relationships. To hell with feelings Imao.  

Capricorn: Is kind of distant but also clingy at the same time.  

Aquarius: Takes a while to open up but is annoying aggressive.  

Pisces: Acts mature about it. Be a Pisces.

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