Zodiac Signs In A Horror Movie

Zodiac Signs In A Horror Movie

Zodiac Signs In A Horror Movie  

Aries: The first to die  

Taurus: The one who comes home at the end to find everyone dead  

Gemini: The one who figures out who/what the killer is  

Cancer: The one that says “Hello? Who’s there?” as if the killer will answer  

Leo: The one who tries to fight back and ends up dead  

Virgo: The one who sacrifices themselves  

Libra: The one who says “Everybody stay calm!” then freaks out themselves  

Scorpio: The one who runs out the front door instead of upstairs  

Sagittarius: The one who is secretly helping the killer  

Capricorn: The one who snapped and went on a killing spree  

Aquarius: The one who makes it until the end  

Pisces: The one who screams at everything


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